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The Seven Noahide Laws

The Noahide Laws are seven ancient laws many people view as the basis of civilized society. They govern morality and represent the "bare minimum" of what God expects of humanity. They are called the "Noahide" laws because they are thought to have been given in their fullness to Noah after the flood. According to the Talmud, there were seven moral laws to govern the nations after the flood, and they are the foundation of the Law of Moses. Many years later, God would establish a special nation (Israel) with special laws, ceremonies, and a priesthood. When the Messiah came, He established a new covenant that would fulfill not only the Law of Moses but also the Noahide laws, sufficient for both the true Jew and the Gentile. Everyone would become a follower of the Messiah.  Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn out her seven pillars (Proverbs 9:1 ).   This verse might be a reference to the Seven Noahide Laws. When examining the original Hebrew, the word for “wisdom”